Everyone is curious about how the real estate market is responding to higher interest rates these days. With rates back to the norms of the early 2000s, monthly payments for new mortgages are certainly higher than they would have been just a year ago, so will housing prices fall?

I hear a lot about bike trails at Rotary Club meetings and City Commission meetings. Planning for all forms of accessibility is a crucial part of the city's development plan, though it's not without some controversy. Attend a City Council meeting and you may here a variety of perspectives on the bike lanes, trail development, and other aspects of making the city accessible to people.

More than a decade ago, which seems like several lifetimes in the technology world, Walk Score was added to Edina Realty listings online. What is a Walk Score, you ask? 

A recent report by the Mortgage Bankers Association showed a slight decline in the national median mortgage payment, down to $1844. Housing affordability is constantly on in the news and on the minds of many, especially folks I talk to about qualifying for a home purchase. The recent rise in interest rates has resulted in higher costs for buyers looking to make a move, but recent market reports have yet to show a price drop in Northfield.

Is your family curious about other countries and cultures? Whether your family is small or large, with children young or old, you might be just right for hosting a Rotary Youth Exchange student this year; all it takes is a desire to welcome someone to your community and home. 

Wonderfully updated historic home with a modern flair! A comprehensive addition and remodel in 2016 includes new master suite, new kitchen, new bathrooms, new large walk-in closets and more. New basement crawl space has room for storage. New flooring throughout, save the staircase. Classic front screened-porch added in 2011. HSA Home Warranty included!

It is 1914 and the Northfield Commercial Club is sponsoring a contest to find the perfect slogan for the town. Northfield is known for its mills, wheat, and award winning flour, Holstein cows, milk and butter. It is a charming town with not one but two colleges and many fine businesses, and is populated with a caring community who know how to protect each other from bandits like Jesse James.

All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players

They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts

- Shakespeare

Change is the one constant in life and, for good or ill, it touches even our motivating principles. The drive for education, abolition, and temperance that brought so many west to Northfield, mellowed with time and life experience. Northfield residents helped establish—not one, but—two colleges.  

The stage coach followed its normal route, up over the hill near Alexander Stewart’s log cabin, and headed for the Jenkins Tavern on the east edge of town. Hiram Scriver looked out the coach window that day in 1856, and saw “the lordly forest of hardwood trees which stretched westward almost from the banks of the Cannon river” and knew; he knew that “was where he wanted to spend the rest of his life.”