Wonderfully updated historic home with a modern flair! A comprehensive addition and remodel in 2016 includes new master suite, new kitchen, new bathrooms, new large walk-in closets and more. New basement crawl space has room for storage. New flooring throughout, save the staircase. Classic front screened-porch added in 2011. HSA Home Warranty included!

It is 1914 and the Northfield Commercial Club is sponsoring a contest to find the perfect slogan for the town. Northfield is known for its mills, wheat, and award winning flour, Holstein cows, milk and butter. It is a charming town with not one but two colleges and many fine businesses, and is populated with a caring community who know how to protect each other from bandits like Jesse James.

Change is the one constant in life and, for good or ill, it touches even our motivating principles. The drive for education, abolition, and temperance that brought so many west to Northfield, mellowed with time and life experience. Northfield residents helped establish—not one, but—two colleges.  

For students, the news headlines say it all: College costs too much.  This has been the way of the academic world for decades. But a college education has been held up to be their future hope for job and success. What are they to do now? The current Covid-19 pandemic has forced educational institutions at all levels to change their classroom protocols from casual face-to-face to virtual instruction and to think outside the educational box.

Check out what's happening this summer and fall with a video update from the Northfield Schools Superintendent.

The temps are dropping, it’s almost Christmas, and you can’t wait to get outdoors before it gets really really cold, like 30 below zero. You’ve got your ice skates in hand and hockey stick nearby. Now, where to go? Oh, right! That year-round indoor/outdoor place, the Northfield Ice Arena is close and the Faribault Ice Arena is nearby too!

The hall is impressive: two-stories high with a cast-steel ceiling, semicircular, and everywhere you look is a marble column lining the perimeter. This chamber is known as the National Statuary Hall in the United States Capitol and this is where you will find two of your own.

Well, blow me down! Minnesota wind power does it again! While a neighbor to the Plains’ Five Windiest States in the country, Minnesota outranks most of them as a Top Ten Wind Producer and for the twelfth year! (see article) Turbines have sprung up around the state since 2000, adding up to 1200 to the landscape.

Northfield is indeed home to "Cows, Colleges, and Contentment" but what about preschools? Your little sweetie may be brilliant but may not yet meet all the entrance requirements of Northfield's local colleges. So, what educational opportunities does it have to offer the leaders of tomorrow? And when you find them, what should you look for in their preschool program?

George Washington once said, "Agriculture is the most healthful, most useful, and most noble employment of man."  Indeed, mankind would struggle to survive without the dedicated efforts of farmers everywhere.  To help all Americans better understand the hows and whys of agriculture within our society, the Agriculture Council of America celebrates National Ag Day every March.  What better way to join in the celebration March 21 than to support your local

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